Sarah R. Bloom

Contact Information

Phone: 610-715-1348

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Artist's Biography

Sarah R. Bloom is an artist and photographer around Philadelphia, PA. Her work has appeared in The Art of the State show at the Pennsylvania State Museum, The Perkins Center for the Arts, and in various publications. Sarah has been a member of the Da Vinci Art Alliance since 2010, where she held her first solo show in 2011, successfully crowd-funded using Kickstarter. She ekes out something resembling a living by taking photos for hire in the area as a portrait, event, and product photographer.

Artist's Statement

I have been taking self-portraits as my primary form of artistic expression since 2006. The exploration of identity as a woman entering middle age has emerged as a persistent theme in my work. Akin to the stages of grief, I face the idea of aging at first with dread, then resistance, and ultimately acceptance. In my experience, these stages are non-linear.

An ongoing series of self-portraits in abandoned buildings since 2007 seeks to explore these concepts in depth. I am seeking to adapt to my changing body, mindset, and circumstances. I see myself as an extension of these abandoned spaces, using them as an echo of the push/pull of our identity as we age. There is light and dark, sadness and beauty, fear and acceptance—a folding into and a pushing out all at once. I am working towards reclaiming my place in the world and redefining my mid-life as one of transformation rather than crisis.